About Interpretations and performances

28 Dec

When I look at a masterpiece in a museum by Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso I only see that one masterpiece. Why should piano be clouded by so many performance knock-offs that don’t compare to what is an Ultimate performance of a work written by a great composer? Some performances are better, yes. That is why the critics exist. If you don’t like how you are judged;- find a refined piano teacher who will mold your playing;- provided you have a workable attitude for the teacher to tolerate.

For some is it making money? Try explaining that to someone who invests everything they have in all the wrong teachers. Then bind those teachers together to scoff at an artist. That’s the art of making money, not art of pianism.

Is it ego and sheer ability to pound out keys?  Anyone can do this given enough time. I know a student who has played the same Chopin etude for appx. 10 years and still can’t get it note-wise correct under 10 mistakes a page, but uses it to “show off” This is impressive to insensitive audiences that are greatly numbered. Though the performer and his/her family who is proud of the fact their son/daughter has completed a piece and boast to friends about it…may have spent money and time to do so and feel its enough to warrant some place in music history.

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