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Cat ready to Travel!

29 Dec I-GO2 Escort


Cat ready for Shopping, Bank, Next trip to Maui, more...



I-GO2 Escort

Erai's "Suitcase" arrived just after Xmas. All ready for next trip. She got too big for my tote bags!

My “classic” looking cat has been hopping in my totes before I go since she was adopted. She’s really part bengal. I haven’t been able to take her out in months due to her weight & since she just crossed over the 1 year mark. And, she’s been looking at me from my inside my “carryon” suitcase.  This was ordered from and is big enough for her with some room. Plenty of mesh windows too! I-GO2 Escort from PetGear  5-in-1. We tried it outside and the backpack works great and is more comfortable than expected. The roller/wheels work fine, and it comes with handle and extra shoulder strap, as well as a “cushion” that velcros into the bottom. Side pockets for food too.


Performance in November

11 Oct

November 20, 2011  at Musician’s Hall – Studio 909 on Baldwin 9′ Grand piano in Downtown Honolulu, Hawaii Time: TBA – afternoon

A beginning child & the adult students of Angela M. “Kikuchi” Kneale will be performing solo piano compositions by Bach, Bela Bartok, Mozart, & Beethoven as well as some original arrangement(s) of well-known folk songs and birthday compositions.

Concluding the performances, Angela M. “Kikuchi” Kneale will be performing a short program.  Dedicating the day’s performances to pianist Ruth Laredo “America’s First Lady of Piano”  & Film Composer Ron Riddle who also celebrate birthdays on the 20th. Refreshments and a birthday gathering at reception for Miss Kneale will be held after the performances. A vegan non-dairy/vegetarian cake will be served.

Angela Kneale’s program will include:

  • Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata Op. 13 grave – 1st movement
  • Chopin’s Nocturnes Op 72 no. 1 & Op 27 no. 1
  • Rachmaninoff’s g minor Prelude Op. 23 no. 5
  • with possible additional works of Mozart, Brahms, Debussy, or Liszt

Miss Kneale’s interpretations are drawn from the conservative interpretations of Chopin stemming from Hungary, the Great Philadelphia tradition of romantic pianism, and some French perspectives.

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